Our Services

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising and graphical solutions is a must in our modern world today. At Chork we know that very well, and therefor we will do everything to make sure, that your digital creations and graphical solutions will be nothing but outstanding. We have a very skilled, creative and talented team capable of creating graphical and digital solutions in every possible aspect. Wheter it'd be logos, digital advertising or whatever you could possibly think of!

Printed Advertising

Advertising is a necessity outside of the digital world as well. At Chork, we will deliver some of the absolutely best quality printings possible. Our team and technology will make sure, that whether it'd be simple flyers or big scale advertising, we will deliver outstanding results, either as a print only or a solution to back up your graphical and digital solutions!

Beautiful Websites & Shops

We are very aware at Chork, that we are living in a digital world and therefor, we must program in a digital world as well. We have a very skilled team of web integrators and programmers at Chork, to make sure that we will deliver a satisfying product everytime. Our graphic designers works extraordinary well together with our web integrators, to make every possible thought of a final product, a possibilty!

Outstanding Photography

At Chork we have a very skilled photography team. They will do whatever they can to get the perfect shot for you and your company. Whether it'd be everything from product photography for a webshop, employee portraits or on-location photography! Our photography team will make sure that every product from Chork, will be original! No need for stock photos!

Social Media Creation

Social Media is a huge factor in todays advertising- and promotional solutions. Every business today is, in a way, forced to be a part of a Social Media. Social Media is a great way to communicate with clients. At Chork we have a team who is dedicated to Social Media solutions! Our team will make sure, that you will get the best front-image possible, no matter what Social Media you could possible think of! It doesn't matter whether you'll be starting from scratch or just want to optimize an already existing solution!

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