About Us

About Us

Chork is a well founded business with its roots planted in Denmark. The employees at Chork are very skilled and trained in exactly what they do. Furthermore, the employees are very skilled at understanding each and everybodys skills, resulting in outstanding teamwork.

Everyday we're exprerimenting and working close with our clients, to create the best, most exceptional and exciting advertising and media solutions everyday. We are open minded and trying to understand our clients in such a way, that we are not afraid of learning something new, trying new or different solutions and expanding our horizons.

What we do

At Chork we offer a whole lot of solutions and services. Every team and group has been trained at teamwork to make sure, that what our client wants, will be possible, no matter how big the task or the request! We do everything from graphical solution to printed options. Either on their own, or using one of the solutions to back the other solutions up! Every product from Chork will be original, and together, we'll make sure that you will get what you expect - without having to use unoriginal work!

Our Mission

At Chork we don't really have a mission on our own. We have a mission with our clients to reach a final goal to make sure that our clients get exactly the end result that they envisioned. When we are talking about teamwork, we are not only talking about teamwork between our employees at Chork, we are talking about teamwork between our clients as well. By doing that, we make sure that everyone, especially our clients, are happy!

Our Goals

We treat our clients in such a way, that we make them feel ”a part” of the company while we are working together to create a final product. We listen to our clients and will do our very best to understand EXACTLY what our clients wants.

Let's work together.